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Why do a pre-inspection?

There are arguments for and against doing an inspection prior to selling, but I have yet to hear one convincing reason for not doing one in advance of a sale. One of the two main reasons properties fall out of contract is because of an inspection issue. The other being survey issues. So, why wouldnt you want to know before you are tied into a contract, any major problems a buyer is going to have with your property? Here are some reasons to do a pre-inspection. 1. You can fix the problem before it even comes up. 2. You can sell the property as is, and make sure that its reflected in the price. 3. You can set aside money at the closing to remedy the issues. 4. You show good faith by disclosing all known problems and the buyer is already aware of the issues. Plus, it is a disinterested third party review of the property. 5. You take away the buyer trying to nickel and dime you once you are under contract. It mostly removes a negotiation technique that some buyers will use to get a little bit more once they are under contract. 6. It reminds you, as the seller, how a buyer is going to view your house (ie., less sentimental and more realistic) and it helps you with understanding how your property truly compares to others in the market 7. Any mis-statements in the report can be rectified then, before it gets into a buyers hands. 8. Your time frame can be the Sellers choosing and not under a contract time crunch. Particularly if there is something that needs to be repaired. You have time to fix it rather than make a concession of more value while under-contract. 9. The inspection provides full disclosure and is less likely to come up with legal problems later.

Submitted by Dusty Diaz.

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