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The Estin Report: August 2012 Market Snapshot Aspen Snowmass Real Estate

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For last week's Aspen Snowmass property closings and under contracts, see Tim Estin's blog released Monday mornings.


Click image for August 2012 Snapshot summary and full charts/tables.

Summer 2012 versus to summer 2011

Posted Sept. 4, 12. The Estin Report August 2012 www.EstinAspen.com

Disclaimer: The statements made in The Estin Report and on Tim Estin's blog represent the opinions of the author and should not be relied upon exclusively to make real estate decisions. A potential buyer and/or seller is advised to make an independent investigation of the market and of each property before deciding to purchase or to sell. To the extent the statements made herein report facts or conclusions taken from other sources, the information is believed by the author to be reliable, however, the author makes no guarantee concerning the accuracy of the facts and conclusions reported herein. Information concerning particular real estate opportunities can be requested from Tim Estin at 970.920.7387 or Email him. The Estin Report is copyrighted 2012 and all rights reserved. Use is permitted subject to the following attribution: "The Estin Report: State of the Aspen Real Estate Market, By Tim Estin, mba, gri, broker."



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